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The Android operating system is another version of Linux. Robinson Systems was invited by Google(R) back in the beginning of Android time to receive the developer’s version of the G1 phones. We took them up on it and have really enjoyed the cool features and capabilities of the Android phone ever since.

Since Android is a form of Linux and we’re a Linux programming shop .... it’s been a very good fit!  For example we use Nagios on our servers (customer’s servers as well) and have a Nagios client on my Android G1. If a webpage or email server or database or if a server just quits I know within about 10 minutes via my phone. These Android phones can really improve your productivity as well. Robinson Systems uses Egroupware (a virtual office package) to run our business. When a new address book or calendar entry is made at the shop it hits my phone contacts and calendar through the internet when I sync via Syncml.

If you’ve got something special you want your Android device to do give us a call at (989) 843-0092 or shoot us an email: