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                                This is a HOT product right now!

Egroupware is an Open Source, web based package that captures all aspects of your business (small to large) and provides web-based access to your company info for all your employees (with Internet Security of course).  Its primary functions allow users to manage contacts, appointments, projects, files, and to-do lists.

With the PERP add-on (also Open Source) Egroupware becomes a full scale business accounting software package. PERP adds General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Management, Workflow (for Lean Manufacturing), Project Management, Issue Tracker, Payroll, Human Resources. PERP is intended as manufacturing software, however the features fit the needs of most all businesses.  I greatly appreciate the supply chain management capabilities here at Robinson Systems.

Other Open Source add-ons exist, such as Gallery which manages photos and video (we use it for keeping track of our site-surveys) ... Gallery also has a feature to perform seminars and presentations from your files stored back on your server.

With no hesitation, with all of the features this package provides through the web, this is one of the best business accounting software packages I’ve ever encountered. Egroupware allows you and your employees to access all of these features through the internet (with internet security of course). I don’t carry a laptop anymore .... I just sit down at the nearest computer and log into my company and I’m just as effective as if I was at my desk. With the built in mobile sync software, my android phone internet syncs with my calendar and contacts. The internet sync software works with Blackberry and Iphone as well, for contacts sync and calendar sync.  “Way Cool!” falls short in describing this virtual office software.

Main Features:

  • Inventory
  • Email
  • Financials
  • Calender (including support for scheduling of groups, resources, and contacts)
  • Contact-manager using an SQL database or LDAP
  • Integrated IMAP webmail client
  • Info log, an application for tasks and notes
  • Element based project manager highly integrated with all other apps
  • Resources management (inventory) and booking tool integrated into Egroupware calander
  • Site Mgr:  web based authoring system with fine granulated access control lists
  • Time-tracker application integrated with project manager
  • Wiki
  • Knowledge base

We have been using Egroupware here at Robinson Systems for several years. Egroupware is the operational software that runs the company. It tracks the stock on hand, what’s on order, the status of open projects, accounts receivable, accounts payable, all of the calendaring ..... the package is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!    Egroupware is also free, open source software!!!!! However, it takes some experience to install, configure, then train employees on usage. We at Robinson Systems are EXPERT with Egroupware. Because it’s open source, the package is fully modifiable for your needs. We here at Robinson Systems, for example, modified our ecommerce site to use the inventory system in Egroupware to manage what is displayed. This software modification greatly reduced our labor to sell online and coordinate changes in inventory.

Egroupware is written in PHP; a web-based programming language that Robinson Systems is expert at employing. If your business needs web-based access to help your employees stay connected I highly recommend Egroupware as a candidate solution.    Give Robinson Systems a call at (989) 843-0092 for questions or for a demo. OR email us at

We can help you install Egroupware at your site or we offer Egroupware hosting on a web database server here at Robinson Systems.