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Get more from your mobile workers

TeleNav Track shows you what is happening in the field right now—and what has happened at every minute of the day. See workers’ locations and job assignment, and track field assets and equipment. Get a firm grip on dispatching and scheduling. Use customizable wireless forms and timecards to capture all sorts of field information, from job details to signatures and barcode scans—and  transmit  it right  into your back-office applications at HQ.
TeleNav Track combines the most advanced Web-based mobile workforce management software with GPS workforce, vehicle and fleet tracking to help you realize higher productivity


GPS Location and Tracking

TeleNav Track gives you so many ways to understand and manage the location and history of your mobile workforce and assets.

  • View employee and job status on a map using a browser
  • View employee and job status from your cell phone
  • Receive alerts when workers or vehicles enter or exit a specific area
  • Receive alerts when vehicles have stopped or are speeding
  • View breadcrumb reports of where your workers or vehicles have been