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The team at Robinson Systems is expert at applying technology to solve business problems. Along with the standard range of technology services such as: cabling, telephony, servers, workstations, and support; Robinson Systems provides custom hardware and software solutions for any type business.  Hardware design and programming  services for microprocessors, servers, PLCs, database, wireless, factory automation, shop floor data collection, database driven websites, Linux, Windows, UNIX ..... all within our skillset!

Robinson Systems has a large library of solutions from over a decade of Engineering / Consulting services, ERP,MRP, RFID, barcode, shop floor communications and alerts, shop floor data collection and display, long range outdoor alarm system.

  • Production Control
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Reporting
  • Computer Networking
  • Consulting
  • Database
  • 24/7 Onsite Hardware/Software Support
  • PC to Mainframe Connectivity
  • System Administration
  • Building Control/Automation Systems
  • Advanced Telephone Systems
  • Web/Email Hosting
  • Security Camera Installation
  • Cell Phone Amplifiers/Repeaters


Linux, Open Source Software, and VOIP Telephony are EASY ways for ALL businesses to reduce cost and increase productivity. Cell phone connectivity to office systems, Groupware, email alerts, audio /video upgrades to the conference room, security cameras through the Internet, specialized alarm and monitoring systems, machine controls, video teleconferencing, remote ops ..... call for a quote.